Our History

Like you, we at McVey’s have a passion for cars. Our business was built out of that passion. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing you quality parts for your car, all of them with pride, care and attention to detail. It has been 20 years since we introduced our first products and here’s hoping for another successful 20 years for us, but especially for Cadillac owners and restorers worldwide. We look forward to doing business with you and hearing a little about your car.

Our Car History

Front Cover

  • 1937 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 70 Sedan: Found in a chicken coupe in Pittsburg, KS, it was up to the running boards in mud. However it was complete except for wheelcovers. This is the car that started it all for us. The project of finding someone to make wheelcovers, then market the excess was the beginning of McVey’s. It took 9 years to restore and the last time I saw it was in Hershey where it was for sale for $20,000. 1937 Cadillac Series 60 Convertible coupe with rumble seat: Original car except for the top, it was purchased from well known entrepreneur Rob Meyers in Scottsdale.
  • 1934 LaSalle Coupe with rumble seat: I found through a doctor customer of mine, about 4 miles from home. Painted once, otherwise it was completely original including beautiful bi-plane bumpers. One of the ones I wish I had back. It was a gas to drive. Everything was intact and in beautiful condition, that is until I sold it. When the new owner tried pushing it on the back of his truck, first from the front, then the rear, and in doing so, absolutely RUINED those gorgeous bi-plane bumpers.
  • 1941 Fleetwood 60 Special: Also obtained in Scottsdale, AZ. I found out why this car has gained it’s popularity and reputation as an outstanding tour car. This car was last seen in southwest Colorado in a large collection.
  • 1949 Cadillac Series 62, 4 door Sedan: Without a doubt, my favorite driver of all time. Just turn the key, push the button for 1/10th of a second and away we go. Quiet as a church mouse and smooth as glass, this is what a Cadillac should be. It was restored in 1979 and only now am I doing any update (new wool broadcloth). The paint remains outstanding. This car totally changed my mind about restored cars….don’t leave them out of your plans. The only alteration is a conversion to AM-FM, which is money well spent. Current owner is yours truly.
  • 1955 Fleetwood 60 Special: Fate is a strange lady. I found this car, equipped with factory air and Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels about a mile from my house. I had known the owner for several years, yet we never got around to talking about cars! Current where abouts unknown.
  • 1956 Sedan de Ville and 1956 Series 62 Convertible: Both were original cars at the time I owned them (early 80’s) and great drivers. My kids had nicknamed them both, Elvis and Marjorie. Elvis was pretty obvious being a pink Cadillac and Marjorie for the previous, original owner. The pink car went to Texas and the convertible had a continental kit, a spotlight and aftermarket wire wheels added, thereby ruining the car in my opinion. It was last seen at the Auburn auction.
  • 1951 Cadillac Convertible: Totally original including the top, one of the coolest Caddys I’ve ever had. Ran great, looked great, never had a problem, only a joy….even if it was green. I wish I had it back, I sold it. We all make mistakes.
  • 1959 Coupe de Ville: White with rose fabric interior. Another car I found a few miles from home, and an amazing original. I didn’t have a place to keep it, so I had to sell it and last I knew it was owned by rock star, Jon Bon Jovi.
  • 1966 Fleetwood Limousine: This car belonged to three of my friends previously, it is a great car. I bought it just to take my daughter to prom and like most kids, she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Oh well. Now in Topeka, KS with another friend, I hope it stays with people I know who will enjoy this giant of all Cadillacs.

Back Cover

  • 1953 Eldorado: This is the kind of car you never really own, you are just the caretaker. It was sold by Dave Towell Cadillac in Pennsylvania to a lady who owned hardware stores. Upon her death it went back to Towell where he sold it to world renowned classic expert and dear friend Wayne Meriman. After a few years with a mutual friend, I owned it for 10 glorious years. It was a joy and an honor to own a basically original car like this and I miss it dearly. However, I rest easy knowing it is now in the hands of friend and fellow Cadillac lover Todd Todd of Northern California. I know Todd will take good care of one the most desirable of all.
  • 1956 Cadillac Convertible: As you can tell, we have a weakness for ‘56’s! I saw this car win its senior badge at Hersey and fell in love. It took me over a year to get the transaction completed, but I finally bought it. I jumped in and drove 1,500 carefree miles to K.C. with everyone I passed giving me a thumbs up. I owned it for about 5 carefree years and enjoyed every minute. It now resides in Fairbanks, Alaska where I am told it is now worth about $175,000.
  • 1957 Eldorado Biarritz: I didn’t own it very long, and although it had the most perfect California body I have ever seen on any car, I just didn’t get along with it very well. I had too many cars and it was always in the way and we never became friends. It is now the centerpiece in the middle of a restaurant in Chicago where it deserves the attention it gets that I never had the chance to give it. We hope you have enjoyed our little personalized story about some of the cars we’ve owned over the years. I have been truly blessed to find, buy and sell some of the greatest Cadillacs in the world. If you could only get them back.